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Slayers, A Stray Child, Part 3
Part 3.
The paddle dipped into the dark water, catching against mud and plant-matter and gods only knew what else. Filia surveyed the scene from her perch on the boards that crossed from one side of the boat to another. The splash of the oar propelling her tiny craft forward was a sharp contrast to the quiet around her. Even the clouds that had riddled the town with raindrops had ceased their onslaught, though the sky threatened that this reprieve could be short-lived. The rooftops that peeked out from the newly created sea were empty. There was not a man, woman or child in sight, awaiting rescue from the high ground. Not even so much as the quack of a duck or the soaring outline of a gull could be found to give some sign of life. But it didn't feel empty exactly. More like something was there—holding its breath.
Filia gripped the oar. Whatever that something was, it was leading her on—on to find Val, or to walk into a trap, or… what exactly? The false Val
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Comfort - Commission
Misty sat by the edge of the river, her arms folded across her knees. Her red hair, tied back in her signature ponytail, quavered in the warm breeze. She'd sat on that bank on many summer days, but the scene was very different than it had been in the past. Her lips were drawn in an inconsolable frown, and her tear ducts threatened to make her feelings all the more apparent.
She let her head sink until her forehead touched her forearm. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't. She was very clear with herself on this point. But it was so hard for her not to. Even when she tried to calmly, unemotionally think of what to do: crying seemed like the next logical step.
She settled for a sigh. She finally had her mother back. That's what she'd wanted, but… but it wasn't even really her. Now the Light of Destruction threatened everything that drew breath… and that force had her mother under its control. Her own mother would be the one to pull the trigger—to e
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Premonition of a Meeting - Commission
Dark clouds swirled around her like ribbons. Golden contrails of stars sparkled in the blackness. Iris blinked.
"Where… am I?" she said out loud.
She felt strange. It was as though none of this was real. She looked down at herself. Her bare skin shimmered as though lit from within by some sort of internal fire. She curled her toes and realized she was standing on nothing. She was beholden to a force greater than gravity, and it was gently cradling her in its invisible grasp.
A dream? Iris thought to herself. That would've explained the cosmic grandeur of it all. And yet there was something about it that felt real to her, or… if not real, then at least true. Something that went beyond the world she knew, but that most definitely existed.
She looked at her hands, pulsing slightly with that glow. She tilted her chin upwards to look at the vast beauty of space that orbited all around her. She knew she should've felt small: an insignificant speck in the midst of
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Silly Slayers Vignettes V
Silly Slayers Vignettes V
In Which Amelia is Comforted by Strong, Rocky Arms.

Amelia nuzzled her face against his shoulder, wiping a tear away. It wasn’t as though the rocky surface was ideal for tears—no, it had very little in common with a gentle handkerchief. But yet it gave her more comfort than any monogrammed scrap of fabric could possibly hope to.
“Thank you,” she said, squeezing her savior tight, “for being here. It’s been so hard dealing with everything… there are so many responsibilities… and with grandfather gone it’s been so…”
“There’s no need,” the chimera responded, returning her embrace.
“I just know it’s not always easy for you,” Amelia responded understandingly.
“It’s worth it… for you,” he answered, all heartfelt sincerity. “Now,” he said, lifting her chin so she was looking directly at him, “let’s figure out
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Slayers - The Past - Xellos/Filia
The Past.
In a rush of golden wings, Milgazia landed. The mouth of the cave was ahead of him, dark, save a few fairy lights. But it was the light behind him that was much more worrying than the blackness ahead.
He shook his reptilian head at this thought. The Pillar of Light was far, far away. No doubt the followers of the Fire Dragon King would be looking into the matter with all the vigorous purpose that they were known for. Milgazia could only hope to protect those in his province. The remnant on Dragon's Peak had more than enough to attend to without borrowing troubles.
He stepped into the cavern—a faraway retreat from the bustling, interconnected system in which his community lived. The inside of the cave was musty and relatively bare. Followers of the Aqualord were not much for tools and trappings. There was a bed of soft, dry grasses;  a small share of the harvest; a comb from one of the hives his people carefully maintained; a collection of various mountain he
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Xellos Art Academy Drawings by Skiyomi Xellos Art Academy Drawings :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 6 5 Art Academy Drawings - Filia by Skiyomi Art Academy Drawings - Filia :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 3 13 Digital Drawings - Xellos by Skiyomi Digital Drawings - Xellos :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 7 14
Slayers, A Stray Child, Part 2
Part 2.
Filia’s eyes shot open. None of the usual, slow waking up elements of transition accompanied her shift from unconsciousness to consciousness. There was no slow eyelid flutter, no soft groan as the light from the window became too much to ignore and as the senses slowly perked up to register birdsong and domestic bustle. She’d gone from laid out on the bed with her eyes closed to sitting up and staring wide-eyed at the peeling wallpaper in two seconds flat.
“No…” she said, gazing down at the covers of her hotel room bed as though they’d betrayed her. “It wasn’t a dream,” she declared, as though she could scold reality.
“It probably wasn’t,” a voice agreed. “But, then again, I don’t know what you dream about.”
She looked over at the figure sitting in the chair next to her bed. You had to be impressed at Xellos’s ability to either completely blend in with the background o
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Slayers, A Stray Child, Part 1
A Stray Child
Part 1.
Filia sat in the rocking seat of the carriage and silently wished she could will away the rain that had started pattering against the roof. If the weather had held out, she could’ve at least promised Val a bright sunny picnic later—a distantly hanging incentive that would’ve made this journey less a tedious business trip that he’d been dragged along for and more the family time that she desperately wanted it to be.
She hugged her small suitcase of luggage close to her as she tried to block out Jillas’s snores from the bench next to her and instead turned to Val, peering out the window. Well, of course he was. He’d made such a fuss about getting the window seat and yet now he seemed disappointed with the scenery he was getting.
It made sense that he was restive and that his mood was starting to match the weather. That she understood. What child Val’s age would want to be dragged along for a trip to check on a tardy c
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Deino by Skiyomi Deino :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 4 8
Slayers, Diary of a Dragon, Ch. 26
Chapter 26. It’s a Small Outer World After All.
Curiosity Ferry. 4:05 pm.

I heard it so many times today—“Have a wonderful day!”—with the emphasis on “wonder.” I heard it from uniformed ride attendants, gift shop workers, people in animal mascot get-ups, and costumed princesses. Have a wonderful day. It seemed to be Wonder Island’s motto—its bit of cheerfulness to keep with you all day and take with you even after you leave. Well, you know what? I did. I did have a wonderful day. And it’s been so long since I could say that and be sincere about it that I’m just so relieved and grateful.
I went on rides, I saw amazing performances, I got to try some delicious food which I’m sure is very bad for me but I don’t care, I got to spend the day surrounded by the laughter of children, and I found Miss Lina and Mister Zelgadis! So, you know, even if I overshot the normal daily budget
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Wait. by Skiyomi Wait. :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 6 9
Slayers, Diary of a Dragon, Ch.25
Chapter 25. The Gateway.
Celebration Island. Enchanted Empire Hotel. 9:32 pm.

I’ve been lucky in my search that so many of the islands nearby have been relatively small and easy to search. This one was no exception. Unfortunately, I’ve not been lucky in actually finding Miss Lina and the others. But I think… I have some hope now.
You see, this island is basically nothing more than a stopover area for people sailing out to the island I intend to search tomorrow… Wonder Island. Wonder Island is, as far as I understand, totally given over to a giant theme park. It has thrilling rides, the latest in effects to take you on a magical journey, world class dining and entertainment, and relaxing resort amenities. At least, that’s what the brochure I got in the hotel lobby said.
I’m very excited about looking there tomorrow. I just feel like… yes. I’m going to find them there. I just know it. It must be my priestess’s intuiti
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Li'l Xellos by Skiyomi Li'l Xellos :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 7 9 Xellos in the Doorway by Skiyomi Xellos in the Doorway :iconskiyomi:Skiyomi 5 10

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I hinted at doing this before, and now I've decided to go for it. I'm opening up writing commissions. If you'd like to commission something or just have a question for me about commissions, then please feel free to send me a note.

I'm open to writing both original fiction and Fanfiction. Slayers, Pokemon, Discworld, Disney, Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho are fandoms that I'm especially well-versed in, but they're certainly not the only ones. If you have an idea for something and aren't sure if I'm into that fandom, go ahead and ask me. I will answer you!

Some background for you: I'm a 25 year old freelance writer. I've basically been writing since I was seven, and I've put a lot of time and effort into honing my skills. I'm a Young Author winner with a bachelor's degree in English with a writing focus. I graduated magna cum laude from one of the best colleges in the Midwest according to The Princeton Review. I've been active in Fanfiction for the last five years and you can see my work both here on DeviantArt and my account. 

300-500 words, $3

500-1000 words, $7

1000-2000 words, $12

2000-3000 words, $18

Other Info:
-I will write both original fiction and Fanfiction.

-I reserve the right to turn down any request. It'd be unfair to you if I took on a project I didn't think I could do a good job on.

-Whether or not the finished commission is posted publicly online is up to you.

-I will begin writing upon receiving payment. Refunds will not be given unless I fail to complete the commission in a reasonable amount of time.

-Prices aren't up for negotiation.

-Do not copy/sell/redistribute my work without my permission.

-If you have a longer project in mind than what I've listed, feel free to contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

-If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Hello. I'm an aspiring writer and a big fan of Slayers and Discworld.


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